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Call Now: (705)970-7231

Address: Above DQ, 9715 James Potter Rd Unit 203, Brampton, ON L6X 3B9

Call Now: (705)970-7231

Address: Above DQ, 9715 James Potter Rd Unit 203, Brampton, ON L6X 3B9

The significance of duct design and how it influences your level of comfort:-

It is common for industrial buildings to use some type of air handling unit, such as a furnace, an air handler itself, or an air conditioner in another area. This unit conveys the air through ducts. A poorly designed ducting system can waste a significant amount of energy.

Some experts say improper ductwork design can lead to energy losses of up to 40 percent. As such, proper measurement and planning are essential to ensuring commercial building comfort.

 Capacity of Ducting

Duct sizing is a very crucial step while installing brand-new ductwork or swapping with existing ones because the furnace fan blows low-pressure air through every vent in each room. If your vents are too small, the airflow will be unsatisfactorily low making it impossible to maintain performance and comfort in your house.

When you extend or upgrade your heating system, and don’t make the fundamental changes to the first ducting plan, it seems to happen the same way.

 Air Supply

Another critical aspect to consider is to ensure that each room gets adequate air. Measuring the ducts, bending, number of twists, take-off length, and general layout can affect the amount of air inside the house and energy savings. This isn’t a straightforward exercise, and to do it right your ducting needs to be planned by a specialist.


Ducts are typically set out of the way in the attic, corridors, or so-called crawl spaces or rooms that are not insulated or not protected at all. These ducts need to be protected to prevent heat loss in winter and, alternately, heat pick-up in summer.


Air will always follow the slightest resistance, and where there are confinements, air will be displaced to somewhere else, resulting in uneven wind current dispersion. To ensure that ducting is installed correctly, care should be taken during installation. It must also beat the allowed lengths in order to control wind speed.

If you reside within the Ontario region, DHVAC  will guarantee that your duct measuring, plan, and installation are being taken care of to your total satisfaction. We have fully prepared plans to manufacture ducting to suit your home, commercial or industrial needs. Contact us today. Our goal is to assist and teach our clients in the Ontario/GTA area.